Delaney Forestry Services, LLC offers a full range of forest consulting services. We specialize in forest carbon estimation, project development, as well as project implementation and monitoring. Clients include environment organizations, corporations, private landowners and public agencies. Delaney Forestry has nearly two decades of field experience measuring and monitoring forest carbon. Projects range from forest conservation in South America to tree planting in the Mississippi River Valley. As a consulting forester, Delaney Forestry assists in navigating the details of forest carbon projects, from start to finish.

Another area of focus is creating value-added products from biomass waste streams that can solve multiple environmental challenges simultaneously. Processing forest biomass waste and converting into biochar is one example. Storing carbon in soils as biochar can help enhance soil productivity, reduce erosion and pollution in water systems, and helps remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

We are available for a variety of other forest-related environmental services, including grant writing, forest management plan development and other natural resource projects.

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